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Rich & Rich Ventures

We believe in the people not the pitch.


Rich & Rich Ventures is focused on helping small businesses and startups through active investment, consultative engagements or mentor arrangements with an overall goal of helping people and brands succeed at dreaming, defining and executing their passions. 

Founded in 2015 by Scott Richards, when he decided to take a more engaged approach within the startup community after seeing first hand the flaws of the pitch and pray system. People and companies with solid ideas (and data) were turned away because they could never reach unicorn status or the VC just had indigestion that day. In reality, they just needed a little bit more of a push or access to knowledge to help them get going. That access and process of how to get from here to there was what Scott did in his “9-5” as a consultant for fortune 500 brands, and as a previous founder of a few successful startups he understood how to translate that big brand know how and process into actionable next steps for those just getting started. 

That philosophy of helping people achieve their goals is the foundation of what Rich & Rich Ventures is built upon and defines us each day as we move forward.


We believe in the people rather than the pitch.

We know that not every idea or partnership will lead to the next unicorn, media sensation or even profitable company. But when it does, it does so because it has the right team made up of the right people iterating within the right environment.

We are looking to support and partner with people who not only have the vision and drive to change the world around them, but also the ability to work within a team environment and looking to learn from that experience.

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We specialize in Seed, Growth, and Early Stage Companies

At this point, it is not just about PROVING your idea.

Finding the right people to be part of your "team".

Whether that means finding a CTO, UX designer, 3rd party vendor or even a new CEO to step in and take over while you grow into the role, we leave egos at the door to find the right people and resources to work together for the greater good of building something culture shifting.

Defining long term goals, managing short term needs.

What happens after you take your first steps? What happens after you get your first 100 users or after you build your minimum viable product? You need to define what success will look like at each of these stages and the reachable goals to get you there with resources you have. We need to be scrappy, resourceful and goal orientated!

Building your business from the ground up!

We help you find the right business model to paint the brightest future for all of us. Whether that is helping you create a product that will become a self-sustaining revenue machine over the long-term, finding investors for a larger seed round or helping you sell/license your idea, let’s make this work!

If you are ready to take the plunge, send us your latest business plan or pitch deck, which we will review and get back to you as soon as we possibly can:

**Nothing will be shared outside of Rich & Rich Ventures without your permission.

What we do / don’t want to hear in your plans & pitches:

Long-Term Forecasts

It is great to have long term goals defined, but if you can confidently articulate sales numbers in 2030 or acquisition numbers for the next 5 years with the data in hand to back it up, then you probably don’t need our help. We do want to hear about what you are doing today with the resources you have and your vision for getting to the next phase of your journey. We do want to hear about how you are acquiring your current customers, and then how well you are retaining them over a period of time. We want to know the ins and outs of what is happening today, so we can help define tomorrow together.

I have the next…

We are not looking for the next iteration of what exists today, so if you are looking to build the next Twitter or Instagram, we are not the right fit. If you are tackling real world business problems and solving them in unique and innovative ways, we do want to hear about that.

I have everything figured out I just need money

Our goal is to work as a team to grow ideas into businesses that change the world. If you have everything flushed out and just need capital, we are not your best option.